We are proud to unveil this limited-edition adhesive eyeliner pen that will change the way you apply false eyelashes forever! With its elegance and sophisticated look, this 2-in-1 adhesive eyeliner pen is highly pigmented, smudge proof plus waterproof formula with its super strong hold built in adhesive glue for your falsies to last you all-night-long. 

Say goodbye to traditional eyelash glue, this ultra- innovative thin, marker- like tip delivers easy application and ultimate precision, making it a perfect tool to create the iconic cat-eye and at the same time putting on your falsies. 

With its special formula, the falsies can hold all day without ruining your makeup at all. It last for over 60 uses or 2 months and is compatible with any strip lashes.

2-N-1 Magic Eyeliner

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price